Nutrition is an essential part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. To get the most out of each workout, you have to have the proper nutrition to fuel your body.

Often times we find that improper nutrition and fad diets can severely impact physical performance and lead to health issues later on. This is why it’s vital to integrate a nutrition plan that compliments your fitness goals in a healthy, safe way.

With so much conflicting information circulating, it is hard to discern what is accurate and applies to you and your lifestyle. At DMSfit, we have spent years researching how food works with the body and we take an “everything in moderation” approach.

DMSfit works with you to develop a nutrition and meal plan that helps you reach peak performance.

Some of the supplements we may suggest might include:

  • Fish oil
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Multi Vitamin
  • Vitamin D

We also offer supplements through Dr. Neustadt and the Poliquin Group, which can be integrated into your overall wellness program to provide you the finest nutrients and help increase results.


poliquinDMSfit owner and trainer David Sandoval is a certified BioPrint Practitioner. BioPrint is a cutting-edge, non-invasive fat loss and wellness program developed by Charles Poliquin. The method measures your body fat in certain parts of your body, and by understanding where you store your fat, you can determine which hormones in your body are out of balance. Through precise body fat measurements and client assessment, BioPrint practitioners recommend an individualized program of nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes based on each client’s unique BioPrint.

Contact us to schedule your BioPrint body fat assessment today.


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